Hello everyone!


At ScansUp our main objective is to gather and offer the highest quality 3D scans, free resources and knowledge from the scanning community scattered all over the net and make it available in a single place in order to support developers, students and 3D enthusiasts in an easy and affordable way.

We want to remedy talent dilution.

Our mission is not only to provide a portal to sell 3D resources, but to create a place where we collaborate, create useful products and learn together.  Whether you are a developer or a photogrammetry artist, we want to give a helping hand and make this platform available to you. This is a portal designed for the community of scanners to meet, discuss, offer their knowledge and work. Do you want to improve and coordinate your product development with other scanners? No problem, other partners can help you!

We believe in a decentralized collaboration and sales model where each artist receives the full fruit of their work, without paying us subscriptions or commissions of any kind.

Therefore, if you are an independent scanner or a developer and you want to join this initiative, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are eager to see what you are capable of creating regardless of money, means or the size of your teams. Let´s create together!




Stonelake3D (_stnlk)

“Outsourcing & Scan studio”

Thomas J.Emmanuel (_jetho)

“Scan Artist”

Delfos Studio (_dlfs)

“Game Art Studio”

Julien Rollin (_stxcg)

“Freelance Scanning and 3D Artist”

Mattia Canfarotta (_mtcnf)

“Environment Artist”

Steve Campbell (_steve)

“Freelance 3D Artist”

Jurand Macioszczyk (_jm)

“Scanning & cleanup specialist”

3Dystopia (_dystp)

“3D Artist & Scanning producer”

Maxwell Herbert Spiegel (_mxspg)

“Environment Artist”

Militaru Alin Cristian (_alios)

“3D Graphic Artist”

Jamie Jamieson (_jayj)

“Scan Artist in VAD”

Victor Lopez (_logal)

“Scan Artist”

Amal Kumar (_amalk)

“Freelance Scanning and 3D Artist”




“We are two professional 3D artists who started this project after several years of research and hard work, while working in the video game industry. During those years, we fell in love with what photogrammetry could offer to digital art. It was in those moments that we began to shape this collaborative project, the results of which are now at the reach of your hand.”

David Chumilla

“Teacher and Art Director at Stonelake3D”

Mateo Franco

“Professor and Manager at Stonelake3D”